How WAFSUBS started:

WAF (Wife Approval Factor) SUBS was born out of “personal necessity” . . . after moving into a new home.

The wife jokingly stated . . . “you have been manufacturing and importing audio products for nearly 15 years AND making furniture (hobby) for nearly 20 years”. Then quickly followed up with . . “Can you please come up with SOMETHING so we can still have a nice sounding “stereo system” and get rid of these ugly boxes (subwoofers enclosures) sitting in my living room”?

BOOM (insert 10-120Hz sweep here), I replied . . I will come up with a piece of furniture that will “hide” the subwoofer(s) BUT still produce the bass I have come to love in my car, home, home theater, etc.


Since 2005, Online Audio Solutions, LLC has been engineering, manufacturing, & continues to develops new products in a few small niche markets. We source and manufacture audio products here in the USA & import thousands of products from different overseas manufacturing facilities.  

Our entire R&D team has been in place for YEARS with the ability to produce high quality audio products. Our development team, audio installation crew & welders have fabricated, created & developed numerous audio products that have been manufactured and shipped all over the world.