Dual 12” Home Theater Subwoofer Table South Texas Mesquite / Flat Black Finish

About this Build:

This build was part of a complete interior furniture solution in a rustic home design. This ranch house is sitting on some acreage in the country .

Wood Used:

The table top was inlaid with book matched mesquite slabs obtained form a local saw mill. The sides are also, slabs obtained from the sawmill.

Mesquite lumber is VERY difficult to locate in long pieces due to the growth patterns. Mesquite is a VERY hard wood with a Janka Hardness rating of 2,345 (Oak is roughly rated at roughly 1,300). It also has a VERY high stability rating of .00129 (Oak is ranked at .00365).

Mesquite is very difficult wood t work with and very difficult to obtain large usable pieces. These along with a number of other factors make this wood very expensive.

The subwoofer enclosure hidden inside the table is made from Baltic Birch. The flared port tubes and specifically designed to work with the available airspace and the subwoofer(s) that were used for this setup.

Subwoofer & Amp:

The subwoofer We used to two Image Dynamics IDMAX 12s in this particular build. A little research will show that each sub can easily handle 1,000 watts RMS and provides astounding Sound Quality (SQ) while still providing amazing SPL levels.

The subwoofer amplifier has a full onboard DSP that can be configured via your PC or your Apple device.  In addition, an auto EQ system with microphone is also included.

Top View of Subwoofer Table. This is South Texas Mesquite. A book matched set completes the rustic look of this beautiful table.

Close up of the South Texas Mesquite.

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